Black Christian Dating Myths

Are you falling for some of the black Christian dating myths that are out there? If you are African American and looking for love, where do you go to find it? Do you check out the local clubs and hangouts? Do you wait at the lunch table in your business’s cafeteria for someone to approach you? Perhaps you do not give it much thought and just assume that one day someone will find you, ask you out and you will be well on your way to wedded bliss. Unfortunately, if you are not active in your search for love, chances are good you will not find it. On the other hand, once you have a firm grasp of what to expect, you can expect to find real success in your love life.

Myth 1: Dating Is Too Hard

Dating may seem like a challenge and for many it will be long term. However, if you change your mind and believe that it is a fun experience chances are good you will enjoy yourself. One thing to focus on here is your goal. If you head out on each date with the thought that you are going to find love in this person, you will be let down. On the other hand, look at each encounter as an opportunity to make a new friend and just to meet someone. Reduce your expectations.

Myth 2: Christian Dating Is Impossible

In today’s world of violence and sexual content, it can seem impossible to find someone that shares your Christian values. However, black Christian dating is alive and strong and you will find people who do share those passions that you have. If you have had a hard time finding those people, consider visiting a local church group or joining a local singles group. You can also find black Christian dating websites to help you find the right type of person for you.

Myth 3: No One Is Looking for Commitment

Another myth that is common within the black community especially is that there are not enough people who are looking for the long-term commitment that you are. They want to go out and have fun but may not be serious about building a successful relationship. This could not be further from the truth. You will find many outstanding opportunities to meet others who will share the passion that you have for life and love. You will find someone to fall in love with, and who is looking for the same type of love themselves.

The key is to keep looking and keep working towards your goal. Focus on what opportunities there are for you in your local area, but also check out the options in online dating. This can open the door for new opportunities that can really inspire you to enjoy all that life has to offer. These myths can hold you back if you believe in them. But, if you turn the page, black Christian dating can be a resounding success for you.


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